A compelling and original voice in the Americana arena, Kenny Crowley can ease you back against warm guitar melodies and a pure, buttery vocal delivery. Regaling you with meaningful lyrics spun from life experience, Kenny's style comes steeped in a rich and eclectic blend of American roots music that is sure to get you in the feels. Whether performing solo with his acoustic guitar or rocking out while leading his full band, Crowley’s heartfelt music will leave listeners with an experience to remember.

Hailing from Virginia and Ohio respectively, Kenny’s musical journey began as a kid in the stale beer soaked basements of Cincinnati, watching his dad play bass in rock bands. Later picking up the bass himself and forming his own teenage garage punk bands, he eventually learned to play the guitar and began to write songs. Diving into the rich history of American blues, folk, and country, he also re-discovered the full catalogs of his songwriting heroes Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, his favorite of many artists to whom he was introduced as a child by his mother - also a brilliant poet and writer. Inspired by the full scope of what can be expressed and accomplished through the language of music, the fire was lit for a lifelong creative passion, and Kenny set out to establish his own unique voice in American music.

Crowley moved westward and first cut his musical-teeth in a professional sense in the funky streets of San Francisco, where he performed in several bands before he eventually wrote & released his debut solo album in 2014, High on the World. Recorded in the infamous Hyde Street Studios, this album was a collaboration of some of the Bay Area’s finest, and served to establish Crowley as a capable band leader and worthy song-crafter. 

After the album's successful release and subsequent string of supporting performances, Kenny revisited his Appalachian roots and relocated to the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. There he joined Southern jam rock outfit The Freeway Jubilee. For seven years he “held down the low end” on the bass, wrote and sang well-loved tunes and toured the country with Freeway, pouring his heart out on stage nightly. As a key creative member, he spearheaded much of the songwriting and production on the band's 2017 release ‘Revolution Road’ and fully took the reins on production of the 2021 release ‘On the Horizon’. Both albums were well received by a grassroots following of fans, and had tracks that charted on Jambands.com National Radio Charts.

Stepping out on his own again in 2023 and relocating to Santa Fe, New Mexico, Kenny returns to southwestern stages as a solo artist, armed with his trusty guitar and new experiences to share. His dynamic blend of rock and roll swagger combined with a folksy purity offers listeners a truly unique experience. Stay tuned and be sure to stay in touch for a new album release in 2024, a culmination of years of material in the works.